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Get a stunning Feed

Add medias to your feed preview so you can see how it would looks like if this media would have been posted.

This is the best way to preview your feed. You can as well use Drag and Drop to move your posts not yet published from one place to the other.

showcase Get a stunning Feed
showcase Plan your Posts

Plan your Posts

Plan your publication days ahead and get notify when it is time to publish it. Through our awesome calendar you can see all planned medias from all your linked accounts.

You can also plan and schedule your Stories. This is so easy to use!

Collaborate with your Team

You want to work with a team on a specific Instagram account? With SocialInfused this become so easy, all collaborators just need to link the same Instagram account to their SocialInfused account and every moves will be shared with others.

Therefore you can split the work! For instance you upload a media, plan a date and your team-mate will edit and work on the caption.

showcase Collaborate with your Team
showcase Add Borders, Overlays and Presets

Add Borders, Overlays and Presets

You can easily add white, dark, green, thin, thick borders to your photos to get a stunning feed.

You also can add Overlays, presets and resize, crop your photos to get amazing pictures that gonna create a beautiful feed.

Split your Photos

Transform your photos in multiple tiles. Vertical 2 lines, horizontal 3 lines, you can split your image in almost any shapes.

showcase Split your Photos
showcase See your Insights

See your Insights

As Instagram already have an analytics feature, we've tried to add different insights. For instance you'll be able to discover who are your top engaged followers (really useful when you are looking for some followers to reward 😉).

We've also added a simple date time graph of your active followers, therefore you'll know when to publish your media so you could maximize your impressions.

Monitor your Comments

When you'll start to get lot of followers it's gonna be hard to track all the comments. With SocialInfused your can filter all unreplied comments so you never miss them.

Moreover, you can track comments sent by your top engaged followers (key users)!

showcase Monitor your Comments
showcase Find revelant Hashtags

Find revelant Hashtags

We know hashtags are the key of growth, so what we've designed an easy to use hashtags search tool. It returns all hashtags related to your keywords ordered by media published. Thus hashtags which got most used in Instagram will be returned first in the list.

You can easily inject 30 of them in your media caption.

Use special Fonts

To play it cool, you can use special fonts in your caption or bio. Just type your text and we will copy it with the font you like to your clipboard.

showcase Use special Fonts